Kindness is contagious.

Who / What / Where


We are a group of volunteers who want to help people in our community.



We aim to encourage acts of kindness to each other for no reward. We can also assist those in need in more practical terms.



We want to support our own communities. We are by Kāpiti residents, for the Kāpiti region.


We believe that kindness fuels connection and greater connection between people in our community. Helping others will in turn lead to happier and more content people. We all need to feel like we belong, that we matter: that we are cared about and that we have the ability to care for others.

The Kāpiti Kindness Trust (KKT) is a new charity that is Kāpiti ring-fenced that hopes to help, facilitate and encourage the Kapiti community to take greater care of both self and others.

What Can I Do?

Join with us. We want to hear about your acts of kindness to each other. You don't have to spend money. Being kind costs nothing.

Perhaps you might help someone in the supermarket struggling to reach that top shelf. Maybe someone needs help with their bags into the car. Maybe you could mow your neighbour's berm while you're out doing yours, it'll save them a job, or take out their bins.

Small acts of kindness, no matter how small, helps others in ways that might surprise you. Not only will the recipient benefit, but you will feel better, as ours brains release chemicals associated with doing good. Being kind to others is also proven to help reduce stress, and ease anxiety.