Make it Happen

Can you spare $2 per month? 

Would you be happy to see that small donation make a big difference in Kapiti? Unlike other charities every dollar raised will go directly into our community. It could help someone you know, a neighbour or a friend. It will definitely help someone in our Kapiti community.If you set it up an automatic monthly payment with your bank then you will never have think about it again. 

$2 per month from everyone in Kapit equals $1.3 million dollars per year. 

Think what we could do with that?Help us celebrate Kapiti Kindness by setting up that automatic payment.

If you pay directly from your bank account we will incur no charges and all of your donation will go to our community.

Our bank account number is:

06 0730 0395753 000

Make it Happen

Thank you for being part of the Kapiti Kindness community.

The form below will allow you to donate via Stripe. We will incur fees for receiving payments via these methods. Please consider a bank automatic payment.