Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives 

We believe that kindness fuels connection, that we all matter, that our community feels cared for and they belong.

Kindness Prescriptions

Our ‘Kindness Prescriptions’ are investments in strengthening mental wellbeing by taking time to do the things that bring you health, peace and joy. They are for the things that make us feel good and give us the mental space to step back and take a deep breath.

Unfortunately, these are often the things that might not be deemed essential when you’re in survival mode and they usually get sacrificed when you’re under stress. 

Image of we loae local boxes.

Our ‘Kindness Prescriptions’ were designed for those who need it most, for whatever reason they were unable to access the help they need can also cover out-of-pocket medical costs for people in need. We work with Unichem Chemist Waikanae, Waikanae Health, ExerciseWell and Physio Works, who are all based in Kapiti. If you need support, contact us or  talk to these organisations about how we can help. 

Reset Cleans

Our homes are often reflections of our mental health. When we ’re feeling depressed, a lack of self-love, stressed or anxious it’s easy for the mess and clutter to pile up. Left unchecked, it can become overwhelming – where do you start when simple tasks feel too hard to tackle?

To help combat this, we offer cleaning resets for people in need.

We will ask participants to pick the room/s that make them feel the most overwhelmed (like the kitchen, a living space, or a bathroom) and we will work our magic to give the space a fresh start.

No judgement, just kindness. 

image showing a sink of dirty dishes.

Participants can clean with us or can leave the house while we take care of it.

Do you know someone who needs a cleaning reset to get back on track? We absolutely understand that this is a sensitive topic, and we respect the privacy of potential participants. You can send us a private message to nominate yourself or someone you know that needs some help.

Monthly Kindness Awards

We celebrate kindness in the wild in our community through monthly Kindness Awards. The awards are sponsored by Kapiti Goodies and our recipients receive an awesome gift box of local goodness. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to nominate someone who deserves an award. 

Slow cookers, weighted blankets and more!

We regularly giveaway items to people in need in our community that might help make life feel a bit easier. Our slow cooker giveaways are wildly popular and help families bring cheap, nutritious meals to life. 

, Our Initiatives

We’ve also trialled giving away weighted blankets that can bring a moment of calm and safety to kids that are struggling. This has also had great success. 

You can read stories about our giveaway recipients on our Facebook page.

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